• Xavier Cadiou

December 3rd: New! Impact Covid Survey on Livestock business in Africa. Ask for this free survey !

We publish this week a Covid Impact survey on Livestock Business in Africa. It covers 10 sub Saharan Africa countries - We interviewed 266 companies in August/September (including input distributors, hatcheries, Feedmills).

This work is financed by the Gates Foundation and is public. If you are interested, feel free to order it. Email us at : / Tel Whatsapp: +33 784 098 931

This survey is a part of a bigger project : Right now ARI and its African team work for the Gates Foundation on a huge program profiling high potential companies in livestock business in Africa.

If you want to learn more about these markets, for sure we have updated information… Let us know. So far we published 4 market surveys on Livestock business in 4 African regions : East Africa, West Africa, Maghreb and Southern Africa. Each survey profile around 200 companies, providing insights, leads and is a prefect tool to benchmark or better know these markets : they are written for Export manager, Market developer, Marketing and M&A units.

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