About us

ARI, the story of one man: after 20 years spent on the agri-international markets to promote agriculture technology, Xavier CADIOU, decided to create ARI, a firm dedicated to accessing foreign agrimarkets.

ARI, a story of passion, the conquest of international markets, the involvement of a network of men and women for the benefit of business development.

ARI, a 20 years’ story of networking, in France and abroad.

ARI, perhaps your story, if you believe agribusiness development has to be initiated by local agribusiness specialists.

ARI, let’s grow together the international markets!

ARI was born at the ESA d'Angers, Angers Agribusiness School:

The AGRI RESEAUX (NETWORK) INTERNATIONAL project was selected during the AGREEN START UP event during SIVAL International show in January 2016.


This event awards new concepts in Agriculture.


AGREEN START UP is a member of the FRENCH TECH institution



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